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We are able to provide systems integrators with a variety of services:


Use us as your integration consultant and you will gain; solutions that excel and knowledge to enable you to deliver on time and in budget. If you’re considering an intergration project, give us a call and see what we can do for you. It’s never too early to get the right people on your side.


Pictures are worth much more than a thousand words; layout and Schematic drawings, are essential to engineers, technicians and clients alike. They help define what is and is not part of the design; they are a vital pre-sales step in costing a solution and initial conceptual testing.


Digital signal processing from industry favorites, Yamaha, BSS, Peavey, Clearone, and digital distribution systems like Crestron Digital Media, are essential components in today’s digitally integrated world. Have these systems commissioned by our manufacturer certified and experienced team and ensure the best results.

GUI design

The Graphical User Interface, with touch screen has become the ubiquitous method of control for just about any electronic device now. Many people believe it to be one of the most important factor to the success of any integration process, and we tend to agree.

So we have researched and tested and reworked and imaginer and developed and trialed and dreamt…

So much so that we’re happy to assert there is no end to the possibilities. Whatever you need your system to do or look like; we can offer you a great choice: Stock samples for simple projects, dynamic and site configurable versions for complex environments or custom designs for that very special solution.

The choice of platforms for hosting GUI’s is almost as varied as the graphics themselves, but worry not. Our developer can work with iOS, Android, html, Windows, Java, Flash, Crestron, AMX whatever best suits your needs


A simple word, yet the so far reaching; we all take good programming for granted, that’s the point, a well-designed and executed program provides a user experience that is much greater than the sum of its components

When you buy programming from Lucid you’re being supported by decades of experience in tens of programming languages, across dozens of platforms.

We know all programs should be 10/10, anything less is just not good enough.

Constantly working to expand features and improve the user experience, all our programmers are continuously training and reviewing options to ensure their work is second to none.

Remote Monitoring

It would be nice to think technology was 100% reliable, but in reality that can’t be guaranteed. So we like to build some fault tolerance into the system we design just in case things go wrong, it helps to keep our clients happy. One simple but extremely effective extension of this is built in remote service monitoring.

Make the control hardware “keep an eye on its self” and report any faults or errors to a central server where these events can be logged and handled before they become big problem. It’s like the telemetry information that F1 mechanics get from their cars during a grand pix; It allows them to know more about the state of the car and sooner than the user (driver) does. The great thing for you though is that since there is a control system already in place adding the monitoring code can be quite straight forward, but very effective.